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PMK - Cinema - Spots - 2014

various clips - berlin 2014 - 1:31 min.

Cinema-Commercials for PMK - Innsbruck. Short Series.

camera&cuts: Falko Purner
with: Samuel Eschman

The Yellow Sardinian Dung Beetle


short - cala sisine 2017 - 1:42 min.

... or Geotrupes Flavus Sardinicus.

schwupp schwupp ...

con: Sprungschuale & Hawk
musica di: BRØD

Waitin' for Mex

Waitin' for Mex

short - aut 2001 - 23:33 min. - b&w - silent

A Silent Western Proposal ...

After The Man's Wife gets shot during a game of pokerby Mex Mosser, he spends some longsome, whiskey-soaked days waitin' for Mex ...

dir/camera/cuts: Falko Purner
con: Evi Sukdol, Schuale, Jez Moser, Steve Göschl
original soundtrack by: BRØD
edited at Cunst & Co

Lady Knupke's Nacht im Eis

Lady Knupke's Nacht im Eis

short - berlin 2009 - 2:01 min. - silent

.... this was made for one of those film festivals, where you have to shoot and edit a shortfilm in a certain time, in this case it's been 99 seconds in 99 hours.

You needed to show a fire-zinced traffic light, use another fire-zinked whatever and somehow use the word "sustainability" .... well, here's the result ....

dir/camera/cuts: Falko Purner
production design: Alwara Thaler
con: Grete Gehrke
original soundtrack by BRØd